Leucorrhoea - Symptoms and Causes

Published: 29th July 2008
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Leucorrhoea is a situation, which is characterized by the release of whitish liquid from the female genitals. More generally, it is called as whites. This problem is related with the woman's reproductive organs. The situation can last for a few weeks or still for months. If you do not overlook this problem, it can become chronic at afterward stages. Read more about leucorrhoea information:

Leucorrhoea Symptoms:

- Whitish discharge from vagina

- General body weakness

- Pain in the lumbar region and calves

- Irritability

- Digestive disturbances.

- Black circular patch around eyes.

- Itching in genital path.

- Spots on undergarments.

- Foul smells.

- Frequent headaches

- Constipation

- Intense itching

- Development of black patches under the eyes

Causes of Leucorrhoea

- Improper life style, which leads to, properly sleep.

- Hormonal turbulence

- Improper hygienic situation

- Improper feeding way of life

- Wound produced by itching

- Infections similar to bacterial and fungal

- Indigestion and constipation

- Anemia and diseases similar to diabetes, menorrhagea etc.

Talking about the reasons of Leucorrhoea, it typically takes place due to toxification of the structure. The main cause that can be held responsible is wrong feeding way of life. At the time of menses, the mucous membrane in the reproductive organs of young women thickens, by this means leading to leucorrhoea. In the time of adolescence to mid forties, the birth of a child might be lead to injure of cervix, causing infection. Separately from this, there are some extra factors also that give increase to this situation similar to displacement of the womb and unhygienic situation that tend to pull towards bacteria to the genital organs.


Fried and spicy food should totally be avoided. The patient should not be permitted to remain her stomach empty for a long time period. She should not receive heavy, indigestible food material. Sour items particularly pickle and curds are forbidden. Eating of supari later than taking food is very helpful both for prevention and cure of this disease.

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